rachel elizabeth

Formerly Known as Fern

"A dream that you'll never want to wake up from."

-Razmataz Magazine

All the Fall Things

--All the Fall things. Wake me up when September ends. I Fall to Piieeeeces.--

It's Autumn! Please fallgive me the puns.

Seriously though, very busy month. All the fall things DID start up again. And we all know that all of small things end up taking more time than anticipated. That being said...

I’m still song-writing, playing shows, albeit less frequently, and back into regular volunteer board work for Tonight It’s Poetry (your weekly Saskatoon based poetry show). I’ve also been putting more time into my online shop, Mother Fern Vintage. Also, I turned 29 + celebrated many other family birthdays!  I almost wrote a post about aging, but um...I'm still a bit bitter about that, so maybe next time.

Some of my Fall stock for Mother Fern Vintage. Love greeeeen.

Some of my Fall stock for Mother Fern Vintage. Love greeeeen.

As I’ve mentioned, my Spring/Summer project is in (slow) development for recording. It’s hard not to want to rush the process, but I think there’s more for me to learn (and people to meet) before taking these songs where they want to go. Very excited to keep working at it over the next few months.

In two weeks I’ll be at BreakOut West, which is an industry convention for Western Canadian musicians. I’ve never been to a conference of this scale before! I’m anticipating a pretty big learning curve, but feel confident that at the very least I’ll make some new friends and come out of it with a clearer vision of what I want/need for myself as an artist. 

Definitely going to be polishing up my social skills, artist pitches, and making a solid personal plan for if/when conference madness gets overwhelming.

I’ve also been spending some time with old demos that came after my EP Strange Fingerprints or didn’t make the cut for whatever reason. I was kind of surprised to find some decent stuff hiding out in my old garage band folder! Perspective is a good thing.

Most of these songs are gonna stay on my hard-drive, but I wanted to share one with you because why not and you’re all being so patient with me. It’s called ‘Proximity.’ I started writing it four years ago but never finished it, so I polished it up and recorded a new demo version. You can listen to it below. It's a sad song about a crush. hehe. 

Take care until next time!