rachel elizabeth

Formerly Known as Fern

"A dream that you'll never want to wake up from."

-Razmataz Magazine

Bye Fern!

It’s a new moon, everybody. My horoscope says this is a great time to call in the love I need, so I’m doing exactly that.

Fern’s had a good run. Over the past 4 years we’ve recorded two EPs, applied for our first grants, gone on our first tour, played countless shows and worked with some amazing humans. It really has been a pleasure.

You might be thinking, why change your band name? We love Fern! Fern is good. First off, thank you. Second, Fern will always be near and dear to my heart, but I think we’ve outgrown each other. We also turn up many plant images in our Google searches and can’t get the website we want. ;)

There’s more, but I’ll save it for next week’s announcement. In the meantime, please join me in letting Fern go and making some space in your hearts for something new. 

This is also your last chance to listen to/download my 3 a.m. Fires EP. I’m so happy it exists, but this baby was the first thing I ever released online and as such, the recording quality isn’t great. I’d rather showcase more recent efforts. 

Feel free to message me encouragement or share your favourite memory of Fern. I want to know how you feel! I, for one, am excited, nervous and a little sad! ☺

As always, thank you so much for being here! Keep your eyes peeled for the new name, show announcements, as well as a single release with Juniperus (aka Jeffrey from Minor Matter) on May 12th, 2016. 

So many things!

xo Rachel

Cover art by S C K U S E.