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BreakOUt West wrapup: Friendship is the best ship

*Hi! For those of you who don’t know, I’m writing a blog a day about my time at a music biz conference and festival called BreakOut West. Yesterday got away from me, but I’m back at it today. You can check out my previous posts HERE.* 

Today’s ramble is going to be a short one about making new friends! Because at the end of the day, friendship is the best ship.*

The most helpful advice I got about going to BreakOut West for the first time was to just enjoy connecting with other musicians. I mean, it sounds pretty obvious, but I needed that reminder. Big gatherings of people can be chaotic and stressful + it's really easy (for me) to get overwhelmed by that. Luckily, I still had some good times hanging out with new and old friends. On that note, one of my favourite parts of the conference was definitely getting to know Elsa Gebremichael (We Were Lovers) better!

Elsa and I have crossed paths a fair few times in Saskatoon over the years, most recently at Girls Rock Camp this summer, but we've never had the chance to have a heart to heart. Being at this conference together totally opened the doors for that to happen!

After catching up during the day on Friday, Elsa and I made a plan to show hop together that evening. We ended up going to Shopper’s Drug Mart for snacks, then headed back to her hotel room to get ready, chatting the whole way about everything from music to relationships to like, life, man. Can’t think of a better way to start a night, tbh!

By the end of the first set of shows, I really felt like I had a new friend (even though we’ve always been friendly). So Elsa, thanks a million for being so kind, generous with your time + knowledge of music, and for being super fun to hang out with! My first BreakOut West wouldn’t have been the same without you. <3

A photo from the bathroom of the Wawa Shriner's building, where SaskMusic hosted a tasty perogy dinner.&nbsp;

A photo from the bathroom of the Wawa Shriner's building, where SaskMusic hosted a tasty perogy dinner. 

Thanks also to everyone who made my BreakOut West weekend unforgettable (it feels overwhelming to list you all knowing I’ll probably forget someone, so I just hope you can feel it in your hearts?). Special shout-out to SaskMusic and the organizers + volunteers who made things happen!!

I'm still processing the weekend as a whole, but won't be writing daily posts about it after today. Feel free to ask questions if you have any though!

Thanks for reading.

xoxo Rachel


*I think this is a sing-along that happened at a Twin Voices show, but I can’t totally remember. It stuck with me though!