rachel elizabeth

Formerly Known as Fern

"A dream that you'll never want to wake up from."

-Razmataz Magazine

A Break from BreakOut West :P

Ok, so. I’m supposed to be writing about BreakOut West, but I can’t focus long enough to finish anything because I haven’t been feeling well today!

Also, a LOT happened over the weekend and it’s taking me a long time to write these posts because I’m basically debriefing as I write.

Instead of forcing myself to do this today, I’m going to share some lyrics with you!

These are the lyrics from the re-worked demo I released a couple weeks ago called ‘Proximity.’

I’ll have a BOW post tomorrow. <3


There you are five feet from my door

with your hand on the wall

like you’re catching a fall


Here I am five feet from my mind

and I’m stretching the sun

so you think that I’m fun


Open the door and see all the people

Oh I wish I knew your name

Oh I wish you knew my face




We’re walking forward five years later

Oh I wish you knew my name

Oh I wish I knew your face


Oh I wish you knew my fate