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BreakOut West Day Two: Surprise Cats, Friends, Websites

Hi! For those of you who don’t know, I’m writing a blog a day about my time at a music biz conference and festival called BreakOut West. I’m doing this until Friday! Yesterday I wrote about my first day in Regina (this year’s host). You can read about it HERE.

To summarize day one: a bit of a schmozzle, but ended on a chill note.

Day Two:

On Friday morning I woke up feeling less tired but still scattered. I took most of the morning to try to curb those feels—picked up some granola bars to have on hand in case of low blood sugar + restocked on allergy meds ‘cause there was a surprise Air BnB kitty that I was mildly allergic to.

Very serious in my Air Bnb room.

Very serious in my Air Bnb room.

This meant skipping the first workshop of the day, but that was fine with me because I knew the rest of the day was going to be jam-packed. It also meant I had time to catch up with Elsa from We Were Lovers in the hotel lobby! Neither of us knew the other was going until the last minute, so it was really awesome to meet up and debrief a bit before getting going. Saskatoon womenz represent!

The first workshop I had signed up for that day was an online presence review where you could show a panel of industry reps your website/social media and get feedback about it. You better believe I removed the twitter icon from my site the night before. 😆 

In all seriousness though, as someone with a fairly new website, I figured it would be helpful to glean some professional opinions. Even though it’s tedious sometimes, I do aim to use my site and artist page to present the things I’m doing in a way that is easy to access + looks good (subjectively I guess?). And these people look at hundreds of websites a week, SO.

I thought the pre-registration meant I’d be meeting with the panel solo, but it actually meant having your site reviewed in front of EVERYONE who registered. I was not prepared for this at all, but it went well regardless. There was some valid criticism about logistics and fonts and the like (working on it), but I also got to talk about the live-songwriting I’ve been doing from my band page and got some great feedback on that! 

It was also helpful to see how other artists had their websites set up. I’m not sure if I should be sad or happy that this stuff is really interesting to me now that I’ve worked on my own site.


S/O to a band called Windigo from Calgary, who was part of the workshop + worked with the same graphic designer as I did (S C K U S E). Small world, always.

After finishing up website stuff, I poked my head into a panel about national touring, then headed to my one on one meetings. Sticking with posi vibes here, but they went much better than the previous afternoon. Still nervous, but was able to communicate more + better about the things I wanted to talk about, such as working towards releasing a full length album + touring.

Thanks to Jen Fritz, Devin Latimer, Jared Falk, and the Canadian Federation of Musicians for passing on some of their wisdom to me!

This mostly sums up my second day of conferencing, so I’ll stop here. Let me know what you think! Do you want to know more about certain things?

Check back tomorrow for another post!